The Blind Liberation Organisation

The Blind Liberation Organisation (BLO) is an action group which plays highly imaginative pranks on the sighted, in order to expose blindist behavior as well as inaccessibility and bad usability in all aspects of everyday life. Let the following newspaper article convince you of their cunning.

BLO Strike in Ireland

An underground action group of blind men and women might be behind a fiendish trick which was played on members of a small community in Co. Sligo in rural Ireland. Every Friday at closing time some fifty intoxicated men emerge from the local public house Known as Paddy's Pit. They then meander noisily up the main street, their crowd thinning one by one as they reach their respective front doors. Last Friday however, while the men were gathered in Paddy's Pit and their wives occupied with evening chores, the numbers on the doors of the houses were swapped around. This became evident when frightened and disorientated men came running from the houses, pursued by clamouring housewives in various kinds of women's bedwear, swinging frying pans and other handy utensils.
"I was horrified," said one of the housewives. "I have enough on my hands with the drunken brute I'm married to. To have a strange one crack into bed with me is more than I need."
"It was terrible," said one of the men. "There were fifty or so of us huddled in the street, arms raised for protection. We had completely lost our Bearings."
In a spontaneously held emergency meeting the housewives agreed to leave the numbers -where they were - and deny their identitys to anyone who might knock on their doors. They did however light a fire in the middle of the street, for the men to warm themselves by. Little did the men know that they were warming themselves by fifty odd blazing marriage certificates. The village's population, formerly rated at 125, has since shrunken to 71. However Co. Sligo's record of its homeless population has recently increased by 54.
It is believed that this trick was carried out by the Irish arm of a group called the Blind Liberation Organisation, in retaliation to an incident which happened several weeks before. Apparently a blind stranger had spent an evening in Paddy's Pit. He was however prevented from paying for his drinks, as every time he attempted to do so, another of the locals commanded,
"Put that back in your pocket," and told the landlord, "Ey Paddy, put that on my tab!"
Later on the pints arrived even without his asking for them. When closing time came at the eleventh hour none of the conspirators would put the stranger up for the night. Thus the blind man who had just drunk fifty pints of stout was left to make what he believed to be his own way across the Irish countryside. Legend has it, that in the course of his ordeal he got himself coated in cow-dung, was lead around by several leprechauns and finally found himself wrestling with the Celtic Tiger. He was rescued by a passing American businessman who threatened it with redundancies. Having escaped to civilisation with the help of some tinkers, the blind drunk no doubt contacted the highly skilled and well organised B L O and asked them to repay his debt.

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