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Blame Sally Special 2012

Blame Sally are a Folk-Rock band consisting of four driven, highly skilled and versatile musicians. They all of them sing and each play various instruments. Their energetic and emotionally charged live gigs are an intense experience. An endearing quality of this band is that here are four women who have lived a good deal and sing about their feelings and views in meaningful, spot-on lyrics.

Introducing Blame Sally by Robbie Sandberg

Meet The Band in 2010

This back stage interview gives an insight into their personalities, what makes them write and how they work.
Listen to Renee talking about sharing her cancer ordeal with the audience in one of the band's most beautiful songs, “All Rise”. As much as it was therapeutic for the author to write it out of her system, it will mean comfort and give a sense of bonding to those who share the experience, as well as give those who do not share it a rare and valuable pinch of understanding.
Listen to Pam explaining her percussion setup and remarking on how the band ebb and flow with each other. Her driving grooves as well as gentle time keeping result in a characteristic style, which shapes the mood of every song.
Listen to Jeri recalling her babysitter's guitar playing an how she was inspired by Karen Carpenter at the age of eight. Her way of drawing spine chilling moans from an electric guitar is akin to Ry Cooder's slide solo in Sister Morphine. Her rootsy Dobro on the other hand firmly proclaims the band's Folk background.
Listen to Pam, Jeri and Monica praising the German audience. They feel very much understood and well accepted on their first ever German tour.
Monica's mastery of keys of all kinds adds another unique facet to the band's remarkable sound.

Click here for the full-length interview with Blame Sally

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